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Als KT'er ben je een heel diverse en flexibele student. Dit betekent dat jij in een dreamteam van onschatbare waarde kan zijn. Bij veel dreamteams zit dit in de implementatie van het product in de mensenwereld, of de frisse blik die wij op situaties kunnen werpen. Deze dreamteams zijn een mooie manier om persoonlijke skills te ontwikkelen.

Project March

As Project MARCH, we have the vision that using exoskeleton technology, we can improve the quality of life for people with paraplegia. An exoskeleton is a motorized robotic harness. The exoskeleton enables people with paraplegia to stand up and walk again. Project MARCH develops a new exoskeleton each year. With this, we want to stimulate the technological innovation of exoskeletons. Each year, we challenge students to think of new solutions. Finally, each year we try to raise awareness on this issue so that more and more people know about the existence and possibilities of the exoskeleton.



Eco-Runner Team Delft is a multidisciplinairy student team from the Delft University of Technology. The team, consisting of 23 students, dedicates itself for a full year to design, build, test and race the world’s most efficient, hydrogen powered city car. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and activate the public to play a bigger part in the energy transition and we promote hydrogen along the way. Our message is twofold;

We plead for making transport sector more efficient. Mobility produces 25% of the total, global greenhouse gas emmision. This number can only go down if we start using less fuel, for example by making our transport smaller and lighter.